Professor Q J Wang
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

TOPIC: Water forecasting from hours to seasons: advances and applications

Professor Wang obtained his BE in 1984 from Tsinghua University in Beijing with an “Outstanding Graduate” Award. In Ireland, he completed his MSc in 1987 and PhD in 1990 at University College Galway. He worked briefly as a postdoctoral fellow at University College Dublin, before returning to University College Galway to take up a lecturer position.

In 1994, Professor Wang came to Australia and joined the University of Melbourne, where he worked as a lecturer and senior lecturer. In 1999, he took up a principal scientist position at the Victorian Department of Primary Industries and led an irrigation research program at Tatura. In 2007, he joined CSIRO Land and Water as an Office of the Chief Executive Science Leader and senior principal research scientist, where he built from scratch a globally renowned water forecasting research team. In February 2017, he returned to the University of Melbourne as a teaching and research professor.

While at CSIRO, Professor Wang led the research and development that underpinned the operational services by the Bureau of Meteorology of short-term and seasonal streamflow forecasting. He was a recipient of the 2014 GN Alexander Medal by the Institution of Engineers and the 2016 CSIRO Medal for Impact from Science. Professor Wang is a co-chair of HEPEX, an international community for research and practice of ensemble hydrological forecasting. He is a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In 2018, Professor Wang led an independent expert review for the Murray Darling Basin Authority on the impact on river flow volume of the $4 billion government investment in irrigation efficiency projects under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. In 2019-20, he led an expert review of the Bureau of Meteorology’s hydrological modelling approaches under its Public Service Transformation for Resilient National Operations.

Professor Wang has published over 120 journal papers (Google Scholar QJ Wang). His current research interests include ensemble hydroclimate forecasting, ensemble flood inundation forecasting, Bayesian statistical modelling, hydrological modelling and predictions, irrigation, and water resources management.