Join us for HWRS 2022



Engineers Australia’s National Committee on Water Engineering takes great pleasure in inviting you to the Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium, to be delivered in person in Brisbane only from 30 November to 2 December 2022.

This year’s HWRS includes Hydrology and Hydraulics – either as separate topics or combined - both have their own distinctions, and they both inform each other. Our understanding and application of hydrology and hydraulics has developed significantly over time, and together with technology and digital advances is making our industry move forward faster than before. Bringing all this together is a natural progression that is reflective of our experiences, applications and respective interests.

The theme for the conference, “the past, the present, and the future”, was selected to bring together the knowledge and experience from both sides of H+H as well as offering the opportunity to everyone from the most experienced professionals to our graduates and students: a gathering of like-minded engineers, scientists and researchers in the fields of hydrology and hydraulics presenting, discussing, and challenging a range of topics relevant to practicing water engineers, graduates, students, academics, researchers and industry specialist providers.

The journey that we all take from university to becoming “experienced” in our own fields should be celebrated – what we all did as young, inexperienced engineers can teach us a lot; but what our young engineers are doing today, can teach the most experienced a few things as well.

The themes for 2022 are:

  • Hydrology (event based, long term, stochastics, statistics)
  • Floods - risk assessment, planning and management (flood risks etc, flood forecasting)
  • Flood forecasting • Hydraulic structures • Eco-hydraulics (low flows, droughts, healthy waterways, contamination)
  • Water Quality
  • Instrumentation, Hydroinformatics, Smart data
  • Physical modelling • Informing policy & operational decisions
  • Integrated water resources management 
  • Groundwater • Urban water management
  • Responding to Climate change
  • Industrial Water Management

Across three days we expect over 200 delegates to attend in Brisbane providing an excellent forum for networking and knowledge sharing.

We look forward to your involvement in HWRS 2022.

Anthony Gaffney MIEAust
HWRS 2022 Chair
on behalf of the Organising Committee and Engineers Australia’s National Committee on Water Engineering


Call for abstracts open

15 Mar 2022

Call for abstracts close

03 Jun 2022

Notification of abstract acceptance

17 Jun 2022

Early bird registrations open

15 Jul 2022

Paper submission deadline

22 Jul 2022

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31 Aug 2022

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01 Sep 2022

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22 Nov 2022

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23 Nov 2022

HWRS 2022 Day 1

30 Nov 2022

HWRS 2022 Day 2

02 Dec 2022

HWRS 2022 Day 3

03 Dec 2022